Small Business in Your Community: Help Them Flourish

We all have that local place we love. Whether it’s the donut shop on Main Street, or a tiny boutique where you bought a dress for your first date, small businesses hold a special place in the hearts of millions of Americans. It’s only natural to want to help them flourish.

At Master Your Card, we admire your desire to build your community. That’s why we’re sharing tips to help you ensure your favorite local spots are around for years to come. Read below and spread the word!

Tip #1: Help Them Understand and Use the Benefits of Accepting Payment Cards

Whether it’s your favorite old school restaurant or an up-and-coming small business that only takes cash, helping businesses in your communities understand the benefits of accepting payment cards is essential to bring them into the 21st century.

While Master Your Card offers a variety of resources for businesses to understand payments, sometimes it takes a loyal customer to do the convincing. Sharing a few facts with a small business owner may be just the kick they need. Make sure you mention the below when initiating a conversation:

  • Studies show that consumers spend 16% more when using cards over cash, meaning more revenue for their business.
  • Accepting payment cards is convenient. They help businesses of all sizes keep track of transactions quickly and easily. This means more time and money to invest back in your business, while still making it home for dinner!
  • Each business that does not accept cards misses out on approximately $7,000 in sales annually, according to a survey from Intuit.

Tip #2: Show Them the Benefits of Social Media

Social media marketing means small cost and big results. Help businesses owners in your community expand their footprint by assisting them with the set up and maintenance of a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page. These free platforms are extremely valuable for businesses looking to communicate new offerings, programs and more. Master Your Card, for example, utilizes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to expand our mission every day. Follow us for daily updates on financial resources and partner announcements.

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