We’re Here To Empower Your Financial Goals

We’re not here to sell you a credit card. We empower financially underserved communities to move
into the mainstream economy and help small businesses compete, grow and thrive.

Partnership Stories

LCLAA represents approximately two million Latino unionists, and is the premier voice for the Latino labor movement. See how we’re working together.… Read More


Gain an understanding of how chip technology protects your small business from fraud, your customers from data theft and yourself from liability with this PowerPoint presentation.… Read More

You have the technology to master the time, money and growth of your small business in the palm of your hand. Use the information given in these handouts to keep your customers safe and happy by offering mobile payment options, securing your data, and protecting your small business against fraud.… Read More

Our simple, easy to understand one-pager shows consumers how to use a chip-enabled card, what to expect when using this new technology and the benefits to them. Download this handout to use for yourself and share with others.… Read More

You can find the best payment processor for your small business—what to look out for and how to negotiate the best rates. When you’re ready to find a payment processor, learn how to get the best deal on payment processors to save money. Read More

When governments provide prepaid cards to their residents, everyone wins. Cards save government time and money and provide a valuable resource for underbanked consumers. Read More

How do you know what the best card for you is? Use this resource and learn more about the benefits of credit, debit and prepaid cards—and what to keep in mind when choosing what’s right for you.… Read More

Upcoming Events

The Latino Coalition West Coast Small Business Summit

Los Angeles, CA | September 29, 2016

Presented by Los Angeles Latino Chamber of Commerce

The Latino Coalition (TLC) was founded in 1995 by a group of Hispanic business owners from across the country to research and develop policies relevant to Latinos’. TLC is a non-profit nationwide organization based in Southern California, with offices in… Read More

11th Annual World of Money Youth Financial Awareness Gala and Awards Ceremony

New York, NY | October 27, 2016

Presented by World of Money

The World of Money 2016 Gala and Awards Ceremony will be a reminder of the significant strides that we have made in youth financial education and a celebration of our honorees: – Mr. Larry Cohen, Partner, Global Operations and Technology, AB (AllianceBernstein) –… Read More


Keep up with the changes in electronic payments and you’ll know how to create change for the better. Our Newsroom makes it easy for you to keep up and get ahead.

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