Master Your Card & YWCA – Chicago

The YWCA Metropolitan Chicago is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. As a leading association among a national network of more than 200 YWCAs, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago impacts tens of thousands of women and families annually through comprehensive human services provided across the region.

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago is a leading service provider in the areas of sexual violence support services, early childhood and child care provider services, family support services, youth STEM programming, and economic empowerment services.

Located in the third-largest American city with the third-highest percentage of women in the U.S., YWCA Metropolitan Chicago serves as a national incubator for innovative programming, outreach and engagement strategies. Contributing to our diverse and balanced economy, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago is working at the individual and systems levels to create an inclusive marketplace where everyone thrives.

The organization is also an active member of many national, state, county and city-level coalitions, representing the interests of and advocating for policies that positively affect women and families.

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With their mission of eliminating racism and empowering women, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago has reimagined the business of human services. They leverage the passion and expertise of a community of CHANGEMAKERS who share their desire to address gender and racial inequalities. Recognizing that the needs of women and families are significant and complex, they cultivate INNOVATION and attract new sources of CAPITAL to strengthen their business and diverse set of services. They believe in mutually-beneficial, value-driven, cross-sector COLLABORATION is the key to creating an inclusive marketplace where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Their 21st century, comprehensive SOLUTIONS are delivered across a 1,000 square mile footprint of metro Chicago and are helping women and families achieve transformational personal and financial empowerment. It’s SOCIAL IMPACT, REIMAGINED!