Master Your Card & A. Philip Randolph Institute

The A. Phillip Randolph Institute (APRI) is a labor rights organization founded in 1965 by A. Philip Randolph and Bayard Rustin. Together Master Your Card and A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI) discovered a path to empower APRI members by delivering financial literacy tools that help the financially underserved understand how to use electronic payment technology to their advantage.

They identified two areas for innovation, with the first being to develop a toolkit of electronic payment education materials APRI trainers could use in community education among young adults and seniors. Available in physical and digital formats, it is now used to bring financially underserved young adults and seniors into the modern economy, giving them greater buying power and making financial security a reality instead of a dream.

After its initial launch, they continued to develop new content for young adults. Both APRI and Master Your Card understand that young adults are more willing to receive information when it is coming from their peers with whom they relate to.

APRI also helps set new standards for prepaid payroll cards to ensure that payday pays off for financially underserved workers. Their perspective on the needs of working people was instrumental in helping Mastercard develop and implement Six Standards for Payroll Cards that increases services, lowers fees and protects financially underserved workers from possible predatory practices among employers and processors that use Mastercard’s network to implement payroll cards.

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The APRI’s mission is to fight for racial equality and economic justice. It works with Black trade unionists and the Black community. APRI spearheads the “Black labor alliance” an initiative to build Black community support for the trade union movement and to convey to labor the needs and concerns of Black Americans. It has 114 chapters in 36 states.