Opinion: Opportunity For All Through Financial Inclusion

Sabrina Lamb is the CEO of World of Money and a member of the Master Your Card African-American Advisory Board.

Frederick Douglass, the great orator and leader of the 19th century abolitionist movement, is recognized for his steadfast and determined work for emancipation. He advanced this cause through self-taught reading and writing, and he also used these skills to call for the full participation of African-Americans in the education system.

Although Douglass’ goal of equal access to education is ostensibly a reality, we must not forget that too many of our children inherit a world where access to quality education is out of their control. Without this pathway to opportunity, many children fall into a cycle of financial hardship that can be difficult to escape. Fortunately, today’s technologies offer us a vehicle to break this cycle and move more children and families of all backgrounds toward brighter futures.

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