Financial Deserts

Financial Deserts:
The Bronx


Many neighborhoods in The Bronx are financial deserts where financial resources are scarce and money moves in slow and costly ways that makes communities economically depressed. Master Your Card is working with the community to create on-the-ground solutions that are tailored to the needs of the underserved in The Bronx. We worked on forming a local steering committee to build on the strengths of the community, support their financial progress and build real solutions that help residents build stronger futures for themselves and their families.

Community Engagement

Master Your Card is supporting communities in the Bronx thru partnerships with organizations such as Phipps Neighborhoods and My Brother’s Keeper, among others. Additionally, Master Your Card’s financial education school program has been brought to more than 70+ schools in the Bronx. Working with EVERFI, the nation’s leading education technology company, we recently presented a dynamic financial education event to more than 75 high school students at the Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship in the Bronx. Master Your Card is not only empowering students, but also Bronx families, through events such as the Economic Empowerment Family Fair at The Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice in partnership with the NY Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Phipps Neighborhood, which offered information and resources from community leaders and financial experts to help families keep their financial health strong. Some of the topics included: Understanding your credit score and how to build it, preparing your finances for unexpected family emergencies, understanding the cost-saving benefits of payment cards and empowering our youth to start their financial future.

Events & Resources

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