Financial Deserts

Addressing Financial Deserts Across the Nation

Nobody should feel vulnerable or left behind in their own community. Financial deserts are urban and rural communities where financial resources are scarce and where money moves in slow and costly ways that make communities economically depressed. Master Your Card and its partners work to green these financial deserts and help people feel less vulnerable and more financially secure.

Master Your Card currently has three pilot programs in these communities, and is expanding to more. Click on each city for additional information:

Creating Community Solutions

When you’re not financially included, you can’t get ahead. Master Your Card and its partners believe that financial deserts can be greened by providing people with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to create real solutions for those living and doing business in financially underserved communities.

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Stories of Financial Deserts

Financial deserts can leave communities extremely financially fragile and less apt to discuss financial problems or solutions. Master Your Card is here to start the conversation—and help individuals and families who are living in financial deserts work towards financial inclusion.

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