Master Your Card at 2nd Annual NFTE Teacher Summit

Chicago, IL | June 15-18, 2019

Presented by Network for Teaching and Entrepreneurship

Master Your Card is proud to participate in the 2nd Annual Network for Teaching and Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Teacher Summit, a gathering of educators from around the country who are passionate about activating the entrepreneurial mindset in their students.  As part of the summit, hundreds of NFTE teachers and school administrators take part in professional development sessions and trainings, including a training facilitated by Mercedes Garcia of Mastercard on financial education and how entrepreneurs can use electronic payment systems to grow their businesses.


Mastercard has been a longstanding supporter of NFTE, which maintains a nationwide network of program offices and works directly with schools, school districts, and community-based organizations to serve young people in under-resourced communities across the nation. Moving forward, Master Your Card will collaborate with NFTE to launch a new educational module for students.