2018 Financial Desert Summit: Great Gains From Equal Access to Financial Technology

The Central at Cathedral Plaza, Los Angeles, CA | November 7, 2018

Presented by Families in Schools

Every year, the Latino community spends an estimated $17 billion on fees and interest associated with alternative financial services. That’s $17 billion dollars that could be put to better use like paying for health care, education, saving for retirement or starting a small business. Electronic payment technology helps you keep your hard-earned money where it should be—with you. Technology can enable you to directly deposit your paychecks, eliminate excessive fees and interest payments and help you manage your finances with mobile and online tools that also protect you from fraud. Simply put, electronic payment technology helps you and your whole community. During this breakout seminar, part of Master Your Card‘s participation in the 2018 FInancial Desert Summit, session attendees learned more about this technology and how to make it work for them.