Small Business

The Future of Business is Female – and Mobile

This op-ed was written by Mastercard Senior Advisor Mercedes Garcia and Jen Earle, CEO of the National Association of Women Business Owners, in recognition of National Women’s Small Business Month. As we celebrate National Women’s Small Business Month, we should be inspired… Read More

Digital Technology Key to Entrepreneurial Spirit

This op-ed was written by Master Your Card Oportunidad Advisory Board member Hector Barreto on the role of technology in entrepreneurship and how electronic payments help small business owners in LA and across the country to grow their businesses. Read More

3 Common Questions Answered Regarding EMV Compliance

It wasn’t that long ago, almost two years, during which restaurants worried about an EMV compliance deadline. But that deadline got pushed, then arrived without any Armageddon scenarios. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about EMV and what it means for… Read More

4 Emerging Trends in the Mobile Payments Space

These days mobile devices can handle just about everything that the customers and business owners need to work on and make a success. Shopping, social lives, and bill payments are just some of the many daily tasks that can be… Read More

How Point of Sale Systems Help Small Retailers

A point of sale (POS) system is an amalgamation of hardware, software and payment transfer protocols for retailers. For businesses of different scales (small, medium or large), POS system offer different specific features. When talking about a small business, it… Read More

Corporations Can Use Prepaid Cards, Too

Editor’s note: More companies are using prepaid payroll cards as a way of paying employees. These cards act a lot like a credit or debit card, but with less expense involved. In our prior posts in this series, we coveredRead More