Fraud Protection

Why Your Prepaid Debit Card Needs FDIC Insurance

For millions of Americans, a prepaid debit card takes the place of a checking account for making purchases and paying bills. But unlike most traditional bank accounts, a prepaid card doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your money back if the card… Read More

MasterCard Makes Great Strides In Card Payments Security

By BI Intelligence Cards are being re-issued at a fast pace. Eighty percent of MasterCard’s roughly 195 million US credit cards have chips, marking an 88% increase in adoption since October. That’s a huge uptick from MasterCard’s last update in… Read More

Merchants See Dip In Fraud Thanks To Chip Cards

The new chip-enabled cards flowing into the U.S. marketplace have already made a dent in fraud, with some of the biggest merchants seeing a dip of more than 18% in counterfeit transactions, according to Visa. Among the 25 merchants who… Read More