League of United Latin American Citizens

The League of United Latin American Citizens is the largest and oldest Latino membership organization in the United States, founded in 1929. It promotes the economic, health, political and social advancement of Latin Americans through more than 1,000 councils, which provide community-based education and engagement programs.


LULAC and Master Your Card: Oportunidad began working together in 2013 to provide Latinos with greater access to affordable, mainstream financial services as well as to deliver educational trainings on how to budget, develop savings, establish credit and protect against theft and fraud.


According to a 2014 FDIC Study, nearly half of Latino households lack access to mainstream financial services and rely on expensive check cashers, payday lenders, and the cash economy to live their lives. Master Your Card: Oportunidad worked with LULAC leadership to demonstrate how prepaid debit and payroll cards can deliver affordable access to direct deposit, online shopping, bill paying, and easy to use mobile money management and budgeting applications—all while offering greater protection against loss and fraud. LULAC and Master Your Card: Oportunidad continue to work together to develop innovative seminars and trainings that strike a balance between consumer protection, access, and affordability for Latino consumers.


Master Your Card has become a trusted education partner for LULAC, speaking to leaders at LULAC’s national conference, providing training and insights on the power of payment technology at LULAC’s annual Women’s Conference, and developing an electronic payment toolkit focused on prepaid cards and financial protection for families and seniors.